The End Is Nigh…

I’m not sure how many more – if any – pictures I’ll be posting here, because it seems that Phoenix really is living on borrowed time now. She’s in a pretty bad way, in fact. If you take a look at my post on my general blog, Cumbrian Sky (link over there on the right) you’ll see that no sooner had her controllers started switching off un-needed systems and pieces of hardware (like the robot arm and the TEGA ovens) to conserve energy than the probe put itself into Safe mode, so it seems as if power levels are pretty low now, and many people are wondering if Phoenix might actually have taken its last pictures of the martian arctic.

Hopefully there’s a little more to come from Phoenix, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s sent back her last pictures from Barsoom. All we can do now is wait and see what happens.

But Phoenix’s flames are definitely fading…


~ by phoenixpics on October 30, 2008.

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