The changing view from Phoenix…

Here are two colourisatons, showing exactly the same section of Phoenix’s landing site but at very different times of the sol (that’s day in Old Terran! 😉 ) First, a Sol 151 image, taken at around 05.15 local time…

You can see some hints of blueish-tinged frost on the ground – but not a lot, which is a bit of a surprise; back in August it seemed like the ground around Phoenix would soon be thick and fat with frost, but that just hasn’t happened… It’s bound to happen soon tho, as Phoenix’s nights are drawing in, and the sky seems very cloudy now… some of that water vapour scudding overhead has to start condensing out soon…?

And now, an image taken around 9 hours earlier, at around 20.40 on Sol 150…

Warning, that image has been tweaked and stretched and enhanced to within an inch of its life, until it almost begged for mercy, so I’m not claiming at all – and I NEVER do that here anyway – that it’s a “real” or “natural” colour pic, it’s an unashamedly arty pic, made just because I wanted to and could, and wanted to make a pretty pic, not a scientifically accurate one… but it does show that by that time of the sol the lighting was very soft, and shadows almost non-existent…

As usual, please click on the images to bring up full size versions. Well worth the effort.

Two very different views of the same area of rocks and dust, showing just what a beautiful, beautiful world Mars is… 🙂


~ by phoenixpics on October 28, 2008.

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