Phoenix’s Frosty Trench…

Just when it seemed like everything had gone quiet on the Frost Front…

Processing some Sol 109 images resulted in this

See those blue bits at the bottom right? (they’re a bit small, I know, so click on the pic to bring up a full size version). They’re small patches of – yes, you guessed it, frost! 🙂 I was very surprised at that, because the images were taken at 10.00am-ish local time, and the overnight frost should have vanished by then, but I guess that down there on the floor of the trench it was shielded from the sunlight so lingered long enough to be photographed by Phoenix…

When I emailed Mark Lemmon – the Phoenix main camera’s head guy – he confirmed that yes, that IS frost down there on the trench floor 🙂 He also told me that they’d spotted frost in the trenches before now, so that made me go back and look at older images, and yep, there’s frost on the floor of this same trench on Sol 100, more than a week ago… These colours are a bit stretched because I really had to “Light up” the bottom of the trench in Photoshop, but click on the image anyway, it’s still worth a look…

More to come, I’m sure!


~ by phoenixpics on September 15, 2008.

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