Phoenix – In the Light of The Midnight Sun

A really, really nice triple set came down on Sol 80… the Sun hanging just above the southern horizon, now just a week or two from actually setting, and plunging Phoenix into night for the first time since landing… which allowed me to make this…

I really can’t say how much I love that picture!

But wait a minute… that above pic is untouched, just a straightforward combo of red, green and blue filter images. But when I tweak the colours to get the same ‘accurate compared to official NASA images” hues I use in my trench and landscape pictures, this is what I get…

So which one is “right”? Which one is most accurate? More to the point, which one do YOU like best? That’s what counts, and that’s what this Gallery is all about – just making and sharing unashamedly pretty pictures! WOuld be interested to know which one you prefer tho…


~ by phoenixpics on August 16, 2008.

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