Phoenix graffitti..?

Thanks to UMSF’s Astro0 – yes, the same genius behind the “Midnight Sun” animation I pointed you towards earlier – for alerting me to something ‘interesting’ on one of the new Sol 72 images to come down from Phoenix… It looks very much like Phoenix has been writing in the dirt with her robot arm and scoop… Can you read whet she’s written..?

Yep… that looks like “ICE!” to me, too…!

Here’s my colourised version… (click for larger version)

If they really have done, then WELL DONE to the Phoenix team! What a gloriously childish and joyful thing to do! :-))

UPDATE: More experienced and knowledgeable Mars-watchers on UMSF have informed me that actually this isn’t Phoenix “writing”, it’s just a coincidental alignment of two different sets of rasping attempts. Shame. I really thought Phoenix had been scribbling in the dirt there, which would have been a very cool and fun thing for the team to have made her do… Oh well, another hopelessly romantic bubble burst… Maybe they’ll try something like that after hearing how much people loved the idea, tho… And it’s still, I think, a beautiful colour pic 🙂


~ by phoenixpics on August 8, 2008.

One Response to “Phoenix graffitti..?”

  1. No, Stu. No matter what they try to tell you, if you turn your head to the right and read it from top to bottom, it’s clear that she’s written ‘ICEE’. It’s obviously a secret sponsorship deal with the makers of slushy-drinks. (joke)

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