3D pictures…

It’s possible (and pretty easy, to be honest) to make 3D images, or “anaglyphs”, out of pictures sent back by Phoenix. The probe has a stereo camera, with a left eye and a right eye, and by combining a left and a right image in a special piece of software it’s possible to create a 3D image that can be viewed with those special red and blue glasses…

… like this one…

That’s an image of that trench again, but this time, if you look at it with 3D glasses, you can look into it and see tiny rocks and grains clinging to the side of the trench, and lots of detail on the trench floor too. You can also clearly see the probe’s robot arm “scoop” positioned inside the trench, taking a break from its digging and scraping…


~ by phoenixpics on July 25, 2008.

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